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F6S Innovation

Driving technology growth with public funding programmes

F6S Innovation boosts the growth and scaling of founders, startups, SMEs and other actors in the innovation ecosystem by managing public funded program.

F6S’ innovative communication team leverages their network, reach and assets with a strong experience in community building to deliver a high-impact strategy to promote, communicate, and disseminate research activities and achievements, maximising sustainability of projects’ results.


F6S Innovation in Numbers

EU Funded Projects

EU Funded Projects

Managed Grants

Managed Grants

Open Calls Managed

Open Calls Managed

Awarded Startups/SMEs

Awarded Startups/SMEs

Thematic Sectors Covered

Thematic Sectors Covered

Our Role in Projects

Communication, Dissemination & Exploitation​

Communication, Dissemination & Exploitation

Cascade Funding,Open Calls & Financial Support to Third Parties (FSTP)​

Cascade Funding,Open Calls & Financial Support to Third Parties (FSTP)

Stakeholder Engagement​

Stakeholder Engagement

Key Impact Pathways​

Key Impact Pathways

Partner Up in Horizon Europe Consortia

F6S Innovation provides growth and scaling opportunities to the tech ecosystem with programmes funded by the European Commission and other governmental institutions.
We deliver impact by managing open calls and funding to third parties, driving open innovation connections, coordinating dissemination and communication activities, and conducting exploitation and impact generation activities in all Horizon Europe clusters and Missions.

Our Projects



AI4Debunk aims to revolutionize the fight against disinformation and support trustworthy online activity. Through the development of AI-powered human-centered tools, this EU project is committed to safeguarding democratic values and fostering a more informed and resilient society in response to the challenges posed by the digital age. AI4Debunk will develop four AI-powered human-centered interfaces built upon a “debunking” API: a web plug-in, a collaborative platform, a smartphone app, and an AR interface. To develop such an API, AI4Debunk will focus on two peculiar disinformation topics: the war in Ukraine and disinformation related to climate change.



NOUS is an EU-funded project that will develop the architecture of a European Cloud Service that allows computational and data storage resources to be used from edge devices as well as supercomputers, through the HPC network, and Quantum Computers.



NexusForum.EU project aims to support and facilitate a closer cooperation with industry and related initiatives by focusing on consolidating research and policy along the Cognitive Computing Continuum



Creation of Specialised Education Programmes, with interdisciplinary learning targeting the acquisition of advanced digital skills in wind and energy systems engineering



SNUG is pioneering sustainable construction solutions, addressing the significant environmental impact of buildings. Through an innovative methodology designed to assist architects and builders in choosing the most appropriate thermal insulation materials and strategies for new construction or renovations, this EU project aims to reshape the construction sector, maximising energy efficiency, minimising greenhouse gas emissions and fostering a greener future for buildings and communities.


The project is dedicated to ensuring the reliable and cost-effective design and operation of wind power plants, with a specific emphasis on system stability, security, and environmental considerations. This involves the pivotal role of coordinated solutions for wind farm control and asset management.



AUTOASSESS is a project co-funded by the EU that leverages AI and robotics to perform vessel inspection, removing human surveyors from dangerous and dirty confined areas.



WeForming is at the forefront of transforming energy management in buildings, focusing on seamless integration with the energy ecosystem. Through groundbreaking solutions, this EU project addresses digital operation, management, and maintenance, along with efficient and interactive energy processing for Intelligent Grid-Forming Buildings (iGFBs).



ResilMesh will develop a cyber situational awareness based Security Orchestration and Analytics Platform Architecture (SOAPA) toolset to improve digital infrastructure resilience through fulfilling these objectives: 1: Improving end-to-end data aggregation and security control interoperability in dispersed digital infrastructures 2: Giving CSIRTs better awareness of the service and asset dependencies of their network 3: Helping CSIRTs to build cyber resilience capacity 4:Developing AI based algorithms and tools for early and ongoing attack detection and prediction 5:Developing a situation assessment system to view and forecast network level risk

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